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Internationale Aufmerksamkeit für Coppelia!

Nach der Weltpremiere in Annecy im Juni diesen Jahres folgen nun  weitere Festivalauftritte für Coppelia. Im Oktober war Coppelia in der Rubrik “Bester Animationsfilm“ beim SCHLiNGEL Filmfestival in Chemnitz nominiert und lief im Wettbewerb beim San Francisco Dance Film Festival. Dort erhielt der Film eine lobende Erwähnung. Weitere Festivals folgen,  wie das Cambridge Film Festival in Großbritannien, das Gangneung International Filmfestival in Südkorea oder das El Gouna Filmfestival in Ägypten.

Auszug aus den internationalen Pressestimmen:

„Digital magic of another kind revamps the 19th-century comic ballet Coppelia, choreographed by Ted Brandsen for Dutch National Ballet. A cutting-edge mix of live action and animation whisks this absurd yarn into the 21st century, satirizing modern beauty standards and the vapidity of the beauty industry. The villain, now a deranged plastic surgeon, faces the quick-witted Swan (Swanhilda in the original), danced by ballerina Michaela DePrince.“

„Blending animation and ballet to delicious effect, the family-friendly fairy tale Coppelia“

„A cutting-edge mix of live action and animation whisks this absurd yarn into the 21st century, satirizing modern beauty standards and the vapidity of the beauty industry.“

– KQUED                                               

„Coppelia should attract attention for its colourful, seamless blend of styles.“

„It’s impossible not to be caught up in the beautiful fantasy of it all.“

Screen Daily

„First and foremost a dance piece but far from mere ‘filmed dance’, it will appeal as much to admirers of the twin arts of cinema and animation as to devotees of dance.“

„It’s a veritable audio-visual feast that deserves to be widely seen.“

– Jeremy C. Processing

„The experience, Coppelia, is both elevating and highly cinematic, and reminiscent of some of the classic films of our youth.“


„Coppelia, a sumptuous cinematic experience combining animation and ballet.“

– Animation Magazine

„It’s delightful!“

„This isn’t just a filmed performance, though—it’s a hybrid of live action and animation that expands the world of the ballet in a way that wouldn’t be possible onstage.“

Crooked Marquee

„It’s weird, but very cool.” That’s our dance-loving daughter’s review of Coppelia, a wordless family-friendly feature starring Sierra Leone-born ballet sensation Michaela DePrince (Beyoncé’s Lemonade) that combines live ballet with cutting-edge animation techniques, making for one of the most original and ambitious cinematic experiences of the year. The DVD and Blu-ray contain bonus features including a behind-the-scenes look at the film with DePrince and cast and crew interviews. Sample Coppelia yourself with the exclusive clip above.“

— K.P. Yahoo Entertainment, The It List

„This opulent production features fantastic, cutting-edge animation, which place dancers in an animated world.”

– FilmYap

“The film starts out much like a stage play, but as the story progresses and the animation becomes more prevalent, it starts to feel like its own unique work of art. The film is certainly impressive visually.”

– ComicWatch

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